HOH! Hang.Oasi.Home is the new interior design accessory for indoor vertical green foliage designed and produced by Ortisgreen, an Italian company specialised in creating unique scenery and innovative solutions for vertical green foliage projects.
HOH! allows everyone to create a corner of hanging green foliage, that combines modern appeal and the beauty of nature.
It provides the tools to set up, entirely on your own and with great freedom, an indoor vertical green foliage composition, totally customizable according to taste and preferences.

Inspired by living walls and living pictures concept it includes the Ortisgreen vertical green technique in a smaller dimension that is suitable for all kind of living spaces.

Thanks to HOH! decorating with nature becomes easy, just like hanging a picture!

The evocative and fun name comes from an international acronym of Hang.Oasi.Home. HOH! is an expression of wonder that contains in its essence: natural wonder, innovation, simplicity and fun.

Whether it is in a modern or classic, rich or minimal environment; in an office, a meeting room, a reception or a shop, vertical green foliage adds a natural touch to every room allowing you to savour and enjoy your spaces in a different way: vertically!

No longer just plants and flowerpots, but real green zone to create multi-sensorial and evocative corners, small vertical flowerbeds that avoid the loss of precious space and any obstacles on the ground.

Its simplicity and small dimensions (38x27x7cm) makes many facets and arrangements possible.

Presently available in white, it has endless trimming possibilities and a vast customization potential to be explored.HOH! can also be customised with company logos, colours, graphics elements, pattern and lettering made on request.
Multiple compositions of HOH! are also possible, using specially designed vertical and horizontal structures called:
HOH! TRIO (framework + three HOH!) 38,5 x 82,9 x 7,55cm – 2,93kg
HOH! DUO (framework + two HOH!) 77 x 27,7 x 7,55 cm – 2,73kg
DESKTOP STAND (only the stand) 39 x 9,9 x 25 cm – 0,70kg

Proudly manufactured in Italy, it has its roots in Bergamo, but with international aspiration; it is designed and manufactured by Ortisgreen only with Italian partners.


Change your perspective and become a vertical green foliage artist.


Decorating with nature becomes simple and exciting in 3 easy steps:


You only have to choose the plants you want to put in, insert your theme in the holes and then hang HOH! – where you and everyone can admire it.

Your creativity and the technique of HOH! united to create a customizable vertical green foliage compositon that bring your walls to life through its chromatic color combined with the tones, shades and nuances of your foliage but, above all, through its dimension and upward movement.

$_59HOH! is reliable and it requires minimum maintenance thanks to a specific, manual anti-drip watering routine and the remarkable properties of sphagnum moss; everything is already included in the package.

The vertical green foliage is now for everyone, great and beautiful natural work of art with little effort and no waste.

Here’s a brief explanation of how it works, the complete assembly method is in the package:


HOH! Hang.Oasi.Home is available from June 2013 at all leading garden centres and large home decor stores in ItalyshoponlineFor more info write us using the contact form on the web site or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!